Economic Changes In America After The War Of 1812

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Economic Change in America Change is relevant within every time period, however, very substantial changes took place in the Americas following the War of 1812. Future success of the American society was to be dictated by the support the federal government supplied to domestic manufacturing and infrastructure to make drastic improvements economically. The imposition of high tariffs, advancements in transportation and the development of the cotton gin are among the most important changes made in the United States during this time. Henry Clay believed that the future success of the Americas was to be dictated by the effectiveness of “The American System”. After the war of 1812, the United States was flooded with imports from Great Britain. Coffee, tea, textiles, sugar, and many other items were delivered to American ports by multiple British manufacturers as they unloaded their inventories into the American market. While these products helped fulfill the stifled demand for inexpensive consumer goods, they undermined domestic manufacturing in America. In order to generate more revenue, the United States began by putting in place high tariffs to help protect its domestic industries. As America was being economically transformed into a national marketplace, there were also improvements being made in …show more content…

The invention of the cotton gin decreased labor and increased the production of usable cotton and the demand for items being made from it. Advancements being made in both water and land transportation led to explosive growth in cities and factories; thus improving the national economy little by little. All in all, the revolution taking place in the Americas after the war of 1812 turned the nation into the successful, worldwide marketplace we know of

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