How Did The Market Revolution Affect The Northeast

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The market revolution had a tremendous impact on many regions in the U.S., most notably the South and Northeast. The market revolution is a term used by historians to describe the expansion of the marketplace that occurred between 1815 and 1830, prompted mainly by major transportation improvements and various unique inventions to connect distant communities together for the first time. The South developed and thrived mainly from the cotton gin and the expansion of slavery. The Northeast flourished and bloomed from the factory system, interchangeable parts, transportation improvements, and women in the work force. The market revolution impact on the South and Northeast brought about widespread economic growth yet affected the regions differently, the South shifted from subsistence farming to commercial farming and the Northeast grew in mechanization and industrialization. The South had focused on providing subsistence …show more content…

New England emerged as the leading manufacturing center as a result of the abundant waterpower the region held for driving new machinery and seaports for shipping goods. The decline of maritime and industry made capital available for manufacturing and the decrease of farming in the region brought ready labor supply. As the factory system expanded, it encouraged the growth of financial businesses such as banking and insurance. Transportation including roads and canals such as Pennsylvania 's Lancaster Turnpike and the Erie Canal stimulated economic growth. Another factor that impacted the region was Eli Whitney 's brilliant mechanical invention of interchangeable parts that became the basis for mass production methods in the new rising factories that were sprouting and

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