How Did The Market Revolution Cause Social Changes In America

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The same American System that promoted high tariffs on foreign goods, oversaw internal improvements, and created a national bank, also birthed the Market Revolution. The Market Revolution revolutionized how farmers produced goods in America and the redirection of their purchasing habits which transformed the mindset of how farmers viewed their role in the American economy; thus, making them more compliant to commercial and capitalist ideals. Overall, the Market Revolution in America provoked significant changes in America socially, economically, and politically. There were many social changes associated with the Market Revolution. Most notably, the growth of cities, environmental impact, changes in labor force pool, religious divide, class distinctions among middle and working class citizens, and increased protest movements. Although the Market Revolution had allowed for the expansion of markets and the erection of many factories, city growth was dismal at best as many …show more content…

As a result of the Market Revolution, we begin to see women leave the home and enter the workforce. They were utilized in textile factories for a tenure of five years and compensated with low wages, no legal protection, insurance, or wage guarantees. Also, the influx of Catholic immigrants arriving in America, alarmed many Protestants “fearing that their presence threatened the character of America” (Schultz, K.M., 2013). Furthermore, the class distinction became more apparent as a result of the Market Revolution as well. As Irish immigrants took lower wage paying jobs and lived in poor housing, they were perceived as the worst that other countries had to offer; thus, giving many native-born Americans a sense of superiority to immigrants. Eventually, division, competition, fear, and greed, associated with the Market Revolution, led to increased organized protest movements that would be initiated by middle-class reformers and

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