Positive And Negative Effects Of American Industrialization Essay

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The American Industrialization was in the late 1800’s making many things to improve the economy. The American Industrialization was caused by multiple factors, some of the factors included a growing population, a willing work force, high tariffs, among many more. These effects made people willing to work at lower wages so they can get jobs and buy American made goods. There were many outcomes of the Industrial Revolution, both positive, like improving people's lives, and negative effects, like exploitation of workers. The positive effects of American Industrialization is how it make work cheaper, employed thousands of workers, and improving people’s lives. Work was made cheaper because of mass production. It caused work to be cheaper …show more content…

For example, on of the effects is the environmental damage caused by American industrialization because there were no regulations on what businesses could and could not do to the surrounding environment. As a result, businesses poured smoke from their factories the atmosphere and dumped their garbage and ash into the surrounding areas and rivers Also the exploration of workers, or when workers are treated unfairly. For example, some explorations of workers are when companies didn't pay fairly, had kids, work, and had very dangerous jobs for employees to do. This was caused because there were no regulations due to the lack of labor laws. Finally, overpopulation in urban cities is a negative effect of industrialization because the overpopulation caused unsanitary living conditions, causing diseases to spread quickly. Environmental damage, exploitation of workers, and overpopulation in cities are all negative effects of American Industrialization. American Industrialization had many effects come out of it, both positive effects and negative effects. The positive effects of Industrialization are that it made work cheaper, employed thousands of workers, and improved people’s daily lives. Then the negative effects of Industrialization are exploitation of workers, overpopulation in urban cities and environmental damages. The American Industrialization was a major time

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