DBQ Essay: Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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Effects of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was an important event in history. It brought about many positives during its time. For instance, kids were well fed, educated, and clothed. There were plenty of negatives, as well. One very sad example was the machine injuries that happened to both children and adults. The Industrial Revolution was a horrific time in the 1700s by the fact that it caused bad pollution and children would be worn out at the end of their work day. The greatest aspect of industrialization was that the kids and adults had good surroundings. “Of these there are 500 children who are entirely fed, clothed, and educated by Mr.Dale” (Document 6). The quote is evidence that shows the kids were well cared for. In Document 2 it mentions, “..., even though this system has given men the greatest material comforts.” The quote is stating that the men workers would have the most comfortable beds. However, there were so much …show more content…

In Document 7 it displays a lot of the air filled with bad pollution from the factories. Bad air is awful for people to be inhaling, people can get sick from breathing in the unpleasant air. In Document 10 the appearance is that of a man who is big and his cart says “CHILD LABOR EXPLOITER.” Underneath that, there is a bag with a money symbol then another money bag. The children are pulling him while looking thirsty and exhausted. The man is making the kids work extremely hard for his own selfishness and the gain of monetary wealth. To conclude, the Industrial Revolution was a big event in history. The positives were that kids were fed, educated, and clothed. The downside of Industrialization was the appalling machine injuries that would happen to children and adults. The Industrial Revolution was a bad era in the late 1700s. It was unacceptable since the pollution was bad and kids would be

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