DBQ Essay: The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution Essay
The Industrial Revolution was not the easiest times to live in; especially if someone were to work in one of the factories. For example, there were horrible conditions, unfair treatment towards the workers, and the list goes on. With these issues people can say that living during the Industrial revolution was extremely difficult. Especially if someone were to work in a factory. There were some positives; for instance, children were allowed to receive proper education and the adults having enough money to put food on the table. However, that wouldn't change the fact that the Industrial Revolution was full of self-interested factory owners. Which meant that the factory owners only cared about their lives better. …show more content…

The reason the worker would hate it is because of the horrible working conditions. For example, in document seven is showing a picture of a factory blowing smoke from the top which is also polluting the air. The smoke coming from the factory is not even the worst thing; inside of the factory workers must be breathing the smoke which raises the chance of catching a disease. So during 1820 the majority of factories had extremely awful working conditions.

However there were some positives about the Industrial Revolution; which people will most likely argue about. For example, an insignificant amount of factories gave their workers an education, as well as a satisfying wage to put food on the table. Also in document three Andrew Ure states that no worker has been beaten during working hours. In addition, no worker has ever felt exhausted after a day of work. Unfortunately, there were not enough factory owners with these beliefs; the majority were …show more content…

For example, in document ten there is a picture showing a factory owner whipping the child workers to move the chariot faster. Also the children look exhausted and cannot go any further. At first glance of the picture people will notice that the children are being treated unfairly. Unfortunately the children cannot do anything about it because if the children still want to get paid then they have to do what the factory owner

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