Ap Euro Dbq Industrial Revolution

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Zehra Fatima 1/18/2023 Ms. Gray Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution took place during the 1800s in Great Britain. During this time, the people started to use natural resources such as coal and water to develop factories and machinery, which led to the making of cheaper goods. It was accompanied by many inventors who created technology to develop the production of goods. Although the industrial revolution had positive impacts such as helping the economy, it led many places to illiteracy, loss of life, and an increase in crime rate. There were many great effects of the Industrial Revolution, which helped Great Britain's economy grow more efficiently. Firstly, Great Britain was the first country to industrialize, meaning they had cheaper goods which other countries at the time were in need of leading Great Britain to mass trading. Secondly, when they made factories, they required people to work in these factories, leading to growth in the employment rate. Lastly, document 4 states that industrialization made “not only travel at less expense but travels ten times quicker than two hundred years ago”. The efficiency of travel was increased when the steam engine was invented making traveling and transporting goods easier. …show more content…

It can be inferred from document 2 that the person who had been working in these factories for a long time never received an education and will not be able to in the future either, causing them to be stuck in these factory jobs. Furthermore, many schools at the time would cost a lot of money and be attended by people who could afford it or even have their children not work. Lastly, many children from the slums started working in the factories at the age of four without knowing what education was for the rest of their

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