Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution In Great Britain

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The industrial revolution took place in Great Britain and started in 1764. The industrial revolution allowed many new advantages to Britain and many other places around the world. The industrial revolution was a blessing because of the child labor laws and the advancements in technology along with an increase in sanitation. During the industrial revolution child labor was a blessing in disguise. Although from the viewpoint of many people, child labor was harsh on children. Although that is true once advancement in technology came, children were seen less and less in factories, giving children a chance to attend schools like the majority of kids around the world. In a quote from Sarah Gooder an 8-year-old who works in a mine, she says “I’m …show more content…

And they are not wrong. The industrial revolution allowed for more advanced technology to produce goods and improve the technology that they used to do so. A Quote from Edward Baies, in The History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain, says” thus protected and favored, the manufacturing prosperity of the country has stuck its roots deep and spread forth its branches to the ends of earth”(doc6). When Edward says that through the great improvements in technologies great country has stuck its roots deep and spread forth its branches to the ends of the earth” he is saying that Britten can spread these ideas throughout the world. these advancements allowed Britain to produce more goods with less labor. The inventions like the steam train allowed there to be a huge advantage in the trading industries. Factories were able to import and export big amounts of goods with a machine that ran on burning coal to create heat and a spirit of water. Because of this big and advanced piece of transportation the later time of the industrial revolutions these steam trains were everywhere. On a map showing European railroad maps in 1913, there are hundreds of them. The map is filled with lines representing all the railroad tracks that had been built through the time of the industrial revolution(image doc10). The trains allowed there to be a source of transportation for goods like crops and textiles. Now in the present day, we use trains as transportation for ourselves into our new city and wherever we may need to go. New technologies during the industrial revolution allowed for easier and faster ways of transportation and production of goods in our

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