Child Labour During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Child labor laws in Britain became a necessary compromise during the Industrial Revolution for the protection of all children. Towards the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, there really weren’t many laws that protected the children while they worked (Types). With having no laws to protect children, the government finally took a toll on the situation and started to compromise the societal matters. They started to bring about further laws to protect all of the children who worked. For example, acts and parliaments were passed to regulate the child labor and the confllict that it brought up. Although, child labor was regulated factory owners and angry parents didn’t like the thought of reducing child labor and they caused conflict in the making of compromise for themselves. There was evidence of owners concerns and frustrations. With the laws there was, loss of profit and parents with losses of income. In order to survive, people resisted the laws. The resistances to the laws in spite of …show more content…

Many children lost their childhoods because of the Industrial Revolution and all of the working that they had to do (Reed). While in the world today there is freedom from working and laws that protected the world, and during the Industrial Revolution children didn’t have decisions to make. They were sometimes forced to work and working took away from their childhoods. Some children weren’t forced to work but had to work in order to help their families with their incomes and working contributed to children’s lives being lost as well. The number of child laboring children has decreased dramatically and is becoming smaller and smaller today (Child labor). The laws during this time have helped everyone immensely in a sense of compromise with how discriminant child labor actually is today. However, the child labor laws have helped greatly with much other stuff as

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