Apush Industrial Revolution Research Paper

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Tuttle,Carolyn. Edited: Robert Whaples “ Child labor during the British industrial revolution.” .EH.Net Encyclopedia. August 14, 2001. During the Eighteenth and the early Nineteenth centuries, Child labor was a major part of the industrial revolution, especially in Great Britain where child labor was a large part of the working class and soon became a social and political problem/issue. In late Eighteenth century child labor became a necessary thing for the working class and society of Britain and other countries such as modern day Germany and America.Children were hired because they could do jobs the adults simply couldn 't do because of their sheer size and incapability to do certain things like clean chimneys and fix the machines in the…show more content…
Cleland, Hugh G. "Child Labor." Teacher Scholastic. State University of New York, n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2015. Child labor in other countries was very similar for example, modern day Germany. Industrial child labor was first developed when different forms of government were being created to help run the countries more efficient and make the most money.These new types of government made it so factories were booming and more and more worker were needed, until the factories soon turned to child labor, which was a con of this new way of running things but might have been the best way to do things in this time of desperate need. Germany’s child workers in the industrial revolution were very similar to Britain 's in the way of how they treated their workers and the harsh/abusive working conditions. They were also very different in the way that Germany had not as packed factories and were paid more for their work, even though the pay wasnt much more than England 's (Approximately 1 shilling more), they still paid them more contrary to Britain 's system of pay. This source is reliable because the information found was similar to other sources written by authors who have published this information before. Its also reliable because there is little to no bias, making it more trustworthy as
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