Essay On Working Conditions During The Industrial Revolution

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Good morning to all! Today I will be talking about the working conditions during the industrial revolution. Well to start, the industrial revolution took place from the 18th century to the 19th century. The industrial revolution originally began in Britain in the late 1700s. To sum it up, The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes. So my main question today is what are the working conditions like during the industrial revolution?
Working during the industrial revolution had no laws existed, therefore working in a factory can be very dangerous. Some industries such as cotton trade are hard for workers to work for long hours of labor. The conditions of a normal factory had to be very hot as we are using steam engines every day. Children are often hired/employed to move between these dangerous machines as their size are small enough to …show more content…

Cruel discipline were punishments to workers such as strapping which is hitting with a leather strap. Other punishments are hanging weights around children’s necks, nailing children’s ears to the table and drowning them in water butts to keep them awake. There are also fierce systems of fines like leaving the room without permission or having a little dirt on machines. Even employers changed the time on their clock to accuse their workers of being late then fine them. Would you want to be treated like that forever?
Not all factories are as bad as the scenario I mentioned earlier. Robert Own and Sir Titus Salt are both considered as good employers. They are in a group known as reformers. These people wanted changes of the way factories run. They faced opposition from other mill owners who knew that reforms would cost them money and give workers more rights. The reformers successfully forced changes to the way workers was treated. They are now called Factory Acts.
The factory act changes in time and increased the rights of men, women and children

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