Industrial Revolution Dbq

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The Industrial Revolution was from 1750 to 1830, a period of time that caused an economical and cultural shift. This era brought a mix of positive and negative effects that not only affected the area it was in but also its surroundings. In result of the revolution there was the cottage industry, agriculture, harsh labor within the system of factory- based manufacturing that included complex machinery, the growth of technology, new resources and the development of transportation. Also the series inventions that increased the production of manufactured goods, which then led to the increased size in the population. A series of the positive effects that came from the industrialization mostly came from the factory owners and the individuals who were above the middle class. Many aspects of life changed, aspects such as education, modern buildings, the roles of women, the opportunities for more jobs and the development of …show more content…

Negatives including harsh child labor, extremely low pay, citizens living in the slums and terrible working conditions. The owners of these factories took young children who were untrained to work in their factories. The young children were mainly targeted because they were easier to control and worked for a fraction of the adults who worked with them. Young, big, old or small the workers were forced to except the wages that were beyond unfair. Although due to the need to work they became bounded to their jobs and the minimal wages they received. Furthermore the citizens lived in overcrowded areas that were very dirty and filled with pollution. Unfortunately the workers were subjected to horrible and even dangerous working conditions. They worked as much as six days a week and ten to fourteen hours a day. There were many safety hazards including dangerously high temperatures, along with numerous accidents and a scarce amounts protection against

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