Industrial Revolution DBQ Essay

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The Industrial Revolution implemented numerous opportunities to all. Originally, these uprising of events took place in the late 1700s regarding the country of England. As time passed, the term of commercial enterprise, Industrialization, spread throughout different regions and countries. Eventually these matters promoted higher standards for living conditions, which enacted more efficient exploitations to be taken place in that period of time. Industrialization is the conversion of rural ways, to advanced technicalities in manufacturing and other productive economic activities. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily negative consequences for society because of the neglect and poor conditions, it was actually a positive thing for society. …show more content…

The photo explains how people have more efficient ways to support themselves from more opportunities of work. It shows a rapid growth of the cities, and supports the local economy. A boost in a population shift was the cause of prospective workers moving, to find labor in newly developed factories. Socially, industrialization restructured the society and created important news of philosophy, incorporating economically. The Industrial Revolution changed the face of several nations that created a specialized economic life to all. Since there were more reliable resources present, much advancements in buildings dismounted durable and resistant methods to the reconstruction of these structures. This allowed houses and other edifices to become invulnerable and secure for the safety of the citizens. Poorly built housing proceeded in the effects that, “Countries industrialized, and also urbanized. This was a result of people moving to cities in large numbers in order to gain factory jobs” (Document 6). This photo attached shows the reforms of an average life-style to living on

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