Industrial Revolution Research Paper

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The industrial Revolution, a very important time for most of the word, took place in all of the 18th and the 19th centuries. It was the beginning of things such as roads being turned into stone roads or gravel roads for easier travel. It was the birth period of the steam engine that was used in steamboats and locomotives. This was also the time in which large factories came to be that supplied many with jobs and stable work. One such industry was the textile and iron businesses, these fields saw large improvements in the way of production. The industrial Revolution has forever changed and improved the way we live our lives. The textile or clothing industrial before the revolution was a very slow and patient art. All cloth was spun by hand and then woven by hand usually in homes by women. They would go out to the street vendors acquire the raw materials and basic tools and make clothes out of them. Then either use them or sell them back to the merchants for a good price. This of course is a lengthy process and one would have to be very patient to see results. However one man sought to change this, he believed there had to be a better way, a faster more efficient way. Englishmen James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny, this machine allowed someone to be able to produce multiple spools of threads at the same time. Later …show more content…

It brought about such things like the steam boat which allowed for large amounts of freight to be shipped with ease to and from ports in any lake, canal, or ocean. It brought about the locomotive which revolutionized land travel forever. With the ability to carry very large amounts of cargo all across the country, many cities were able to expand and urbanize. Food was able to be shipped longer distances to be sold and merchandise was as well. This was a far cry from how it was before with horse-drawn

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