The First Iron Bridge Analysis

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Page 2……….Introduction and Ford Model T

Page 3……….Ford Model T and Iron Bridge

Page 4……….Iron Bridge and The First Telephone

Page 5……….Thonet Chair No.14 and Crystal Palace

Page 6……….Crystal Palace and conclusion

Page 7…….....Bibliography

Page 8………. Bibliography Introduction:
The industrial revolution began in the 1760s to somewhere between the 1820 and the 1840s. The industrial revolution was the introduction of new and innovative manufacturing process. The industrial revolution changed the way products were produced. Originally all products were hand crafted individually although they were more detailed and elegant products they were extremely slow to be produced. The industrial revolution changed this. The
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This made Shropshire an ideal location for the Darby family to construct the first iron cast bridge. The bridge was mainly constructed to allow accesses across the gorge. Construction started on the bridge in 1779 and the bridge was opened to the public on 1st of January.
The iron bridge is known as “The Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution” the bridge was very important in introducing new materials to the manufacturing industry. Thomas Pritchard an architect from Shrewsbury worked alongside John Wilkinson the ironmaster and the Darby family in making the bridge. The bridge is unique because the structure is made of iron cast a material that was very new at the time. The fact that the bridge was built solely out of this made it an engineering great of its time and it is still a great in the design world. The bridge has certainly served the test of time. (,
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The first telephone was patented by bell in 1876 this was during what is now known as the second industrial revolution. This was a breakthrough in telegraphy communications that would in time lead to one of the most influential invention of our generation, the mobile phone. Bells telephone was not very aesthetically pleasing but it was the first of its kind and also the first device ever to allow communication through electromagnet transmitting currants. Bell did for the telephone what henry ford did for the automobile industry. Bell was not the first to experiment with telephonic device, bell and his companies were the first to develop practical and commercial telephone that would allow a successful business to build and grow. (,
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