Industrial Revolution Dbq

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American Industrial Revolution- The American Industrial Revolution was a period, from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840, that was considerably vital to the economic development of the United States. With this revolution, the result was the replacement of an economy based on manual labor with one dominated by industry and machine manufacture. In the Industrial Revolution, spinning and weaving machines operated by waterpower were replaced by steam. Advances in agricultural techniques and practices resulted in an increased supply of food and raw materials. Also changes in industrial organization and new technology resulted in increased production, efficiency, profits, and the rise in commerce, foreign and domestic markets. The Industrial Revolution manifests a significant turning point in history because it changed American civilization and economy into a modern-day urban-industrial society.

First Continental Congress-
First Continental Congress was a conference of delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies that met on September 5 …show more content…

British soldiers killed five colonists, and this led to a campaign by speechwriters to rouse the ire of the citizenry. “The Boston Massacre became a crucial element in anti-British propaganda in the colonies” (Boston Giazette). The significance of the Boston Massacre was that it further intensified the relationship between the Head and the colonies. The publicity value of the massacre was unquestionable as people were left dead. Paul Revere created a famous carving of the fight that shows the soldiers shooting at a crowd of individuals, with two people on the ground and bloody. This event was a critical moment in turning the people of America against the Crown, leading to the Revolutionary War five years later. It would later bring the revolution to armed rebellion throughout the

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