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The world has experienced an increase in economy and how products are being produced. This is due to a period called the Industrial Revolution that has revolutionized each industry from being handmade to being produced by machinery. The impact of the Industrial Revolution is undoubtedly important to mankind because it speeds up production speed and skyrocketed the economy. Even though the Industrial Revolution has revolutionized how products are being produced through machinery in factories, flaws are not preventable where child labor and pollution have become major concerns to society during the mid 1800s. The Industrial Revolution started during the mid 1800s to 1900s. It was a period when machines were invented to speed up the speed and …show more content…

It had greatly increased the economy and revolutionized how products were produced through machinery. In document 13, Britain Iron Production in 1940 was 17,350 tons, but in 1839, it increased to 1,248,781 tons of iron and eventually increased to 9,000,000 tons of iron in 1900 and document 12, cars have been created for faster transportation and wealthiness of the person in the picture. It has shown how the economy has greatly improved after the Industrial Revolution occurred by revolutionizing the machinery works and letting the machine do the hard job, faster and more accurately throughout the process. But flaws were not preventable in the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution had caused an outbreak of population in cities, called urbanization. Because of urbanization, people needed to live in poor conditions and not be able to have a safe working environment. In document 14, a dialogue between Sadler asking Hebergam about the working conditions and injuries that Hebergam has met during his work. He has damaged his lung during working and others had met accidents that cost them their own life. Document 11 also shows living conditions of the workers, where they have to live in slums with filth and garbage abounded around …show more content…

Urbanization was the clearest evidence of how terrible the outbreak of population in urban areas and the needs of workers were. They decided to use child labor and women labor since they were the cheaper working resources than grown men. This had led to the worst concern during the Industrial Revolution, which was the abuse of child labor in production. In document 10, a wealthy grown man was riding a car pulled by many children. This picture shows how children had to work to make the wealthy man wealthier. Also in document 9, the picture shows that children were working in sweatshops to produce products. Because of this, children were not able to be educated properly and reduced the life expectancy overall. In document 1, a conversation between Sadler asking Cooper about his age and his daily routine. Cooper was eight and twenty, started his work at five in the morning and not until nine in the evening that he got to rest. Cooper also stated that he can read, but he cannot write. Another problem that the Industrial Revolution was facing was pollution. Because a mass of factories were made, this had increased the amount of smoke and waste that were disposed into the environment. In document 7, the picture shows factories that released smoke out of the environment. This has worsened the environment and also caused diseases to people that live near the

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