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Hannah Burton Mrs. Massey World His Adv 29 March 2023 Effects of the Industrial Revolution There were many different outcomes from the Industrial Revolution around the world. The effects of the revolution impacted the world in both positive and negative ways. Some of the major positive effects of the Industrial Revolution were an increase and steady wages, which allowed things to be made quicker, cheaper, and more abundantly. Thus leading to the creation of more jobs. However, eventually, this allowed children to take these positions which lead to many unnecessary deaths and accidents. Whether they were positive or negative, the effects had a major impact on the world and its future. One of the first major positive effects was the …show more content…

The creation of new jobs led and branched off into many different things. One of the first things that the new jobs did is allowed people to have better and more steady wages. With more people having the opportunity to work, this allowed for more than just the men to be employed. An instance of this is women had the to opportunity work in factories sewing (Doc. #9). More people working, this allowed families to have a more constant and steady income. Oftentimes, the businesses in which they worked, helped supply them with these better conditions. “The houses inhabited by the work people form long and large streets. Mr. Ashton has built 300 of them, which he rents for… 75 cents per week(Doc. #8).” This made more and more people want to work for major …show more content…

There were so many job opportunities, children began to fill in those positions. However, even though there were children working at these factories, the conditions that they had to work in did not get any better. Due to these conditions, there were many serious injuries that were obtained, not only by adults but a large number of children. Not only were they illnesses but they were physical injuries. "I have damaged my lungs. My leg muscles do not function properly and will not support the weight of my bones (Doc. #13)." "There were about us dozen died during the two years and a half I was there (Doc. #13)." This just shows some of the severity of what was really going on in those factories. Something that stemmed from all of the children being at the factories is the lack of education they received. "When I was 10 years of age…we began at 5:00 in the morning and stopped at 9:00 at night (Doc. #1)." From only the age of 10 years old, working 16-hour long days. This resulted in a major lack of education and learning in adolescence. "I can read, but I cannot write (Doc. #1)." This is just one of the many examples of the education factor for kids lacking during this

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