How Did The Assembly Lines Affect The Automobile Industry In The 1920's

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The New Era The assembly lines helped the economic boom which made the automobile industry grow. With the car industry it made it easy for people to move around ,so people began to go to the suburbs which made construction jobs increase. The treatment of workers began to get better. Some employers began using Welfare Capitalism which for example gave workers paid vacations, shorter work days and higher wages. Women started to work they had jobs such as secretaries, telephone operators and salesclerk. Unions would not represent African Americans so they had to take jobs such as janitors and dishwashers. Asian and Hispanics in the west and south west worked on farms, construction sites and railroads. The increase of wages allowed people to have extra money to spend. Middle class families bought washing machines and refrigerators. While the women were able to buy cosmetics and clothes. Advertisement became big and convinced people to buy items. Movies became popular and the Motion Picture Association was created because of all the scandals. Radio also became popular and congress passed the Radio Act to regulate what was allowed to play on the radio. Women wanted to become their own person and not have to live up to the expectation of what being a …show more content…

Prohibition which was thought to help decrease crime actually increased it. Organized crime became popular and people sold alcohol illegally. The Klan came back and didn't just focus on their hatred for african americans they also hated Catholics, Jewish people and foreigners. They continued to terrorize people they didn't like. The national Origins Act of 1924 banned immigration from Asia and some of Europe. Fundamentalist wanted to keep the focus on the bible and didn't want darwinism to be taught. A biology teacher had to go to trial after Darwinism teaching was outlawed. The democrat party was divided because of their different views causing them to lose the

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