Industrial Revolution Dbq Essay

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During the Industrial Revolution, Great Britain experienced significant technological progress which contributed to its economic expansion. However, this period also had negative consequences such as pollution, disease, and poor living and working conditions including child labor. These issues had long term impacts and shaped the future of the world. Despite these negative effects, there were also positive outcomes like increased job opportunities, higher production rates, and an impact on global trade. During the mid-1700s, Great Britain underwent industrialization as a result of the Agrarian Revolution's increase in population due to improved farming methods and technology. The Industrial Revolution brought about new machinery like the seed drill, which made farming more efficient and contributed to the growth of urban areas as people moved from rural areas. While the Industrial Revolution brought many positive changes, it also had negative impacts. The Industrial Revolution brought about the factory system, which led to mass production of goods in Great Britain using machines such as the flying shuttle, the spinning jenny, and the water frame, as seen in Document 2. However, the working conditions in these …show more content…

The living conditions in slums for the working class were also extremely poor, with overcrowding, lack of ventilation and sanitation, and dirty sewage filling gutters and streets, leading to a high risk of diseases like Cholera. The study in Document 3 indicates that the poor living conditions were the leading cause of death for heads of families, resulting in many deaths occurring before the natural life expectancy of the time. These effects of the Industrial Revolution were long-lasting due to the government's delay in intervening in the

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