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The Industrial Revolution was a major part of history. The Industrial Revolution started in England. During this time period, it created a new way technology was created and used. They founded many machines to produce goods and there was a major mass production. Some people didn't like the Industrial Revolution, like the luddites because they lost jobs from the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution also helped to save kids from working in factories at a young age, by creating child labor laws. The Industrial Revolution had a major impact on society in these small towns. They founded the steam engine that will help ship goods to places and move up the river. Was it all fun in games living back in the Industrial Revolution. The causes …show more content…

Disease was very common back during the Industrial Revolution. The most common disease during this time was cholera, which you would get from drinking badly contaminated water. This disease was made from all the disgusting items that were going into the fresh water, which if you drank it. It would later get you sick. If you worked in factories and mines during this time, you could have a possibility of getting white and black lung. The cotton factories were the most dangerous, with children getting much sicker in these factories than the ones in the manufacturing factories. These children's hands were getting stuck in machines and 47 out of 106 children have gotten injured, which is almost one half (doc 1.) Michael Ward was a doctor, helping all the injured children. When he was a surgeon, he saw infirmary accidents, like having hands or arms being caught in machines. He visited 3 factories with Dr. Clough of Preston and Mr. Barker of Manchester and found that they had to gasp for air after not being inside these horrible factories for 10 …show more content…

They found new medicine to cure diseases and limit child labor laws so children under a certain age wouldn’t have to be forced to work. This new medicine would help children not suffer from smallpox. Smallpox was a disease that would spread like a wildfire that would make your skin itch and turn all red. The creator of the smallpox vaccine was Edward Jenner. There were about 1500 inhabitants who worked in the mills. Of this many there were 500 children, who were all dressed, fed and educated. The other lived with their parents and had a weekly allowance. Out of all the 3000 kids who worked in the mills, it showed that only fourteen had died. That is one out of every 214 children. This was a great way to show how the child labor laws have improved the system of children working. It created a save place for children to work. They got limited hours too, so they weren't working 24/7 anymore. (doc 3) Mr. Dale had created a way to educate people and teach them, which was like a school for people who worked in factories. The child labor laws, law was a great law to add during the Industrial

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