Industrial Revolution Dbq Essay

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Industrial Revolution Essay The advent of the industrial revolution affected workers in many ways, some good but mostly bad. The age of industry brought with it changes in class structure. Workers were over worked, not fed enough, and had little to no health benefits. Some workers during the Industrial Revolution worked so hard that they often had to quit work and in most cases died. Some other unfortunate events was the growth of the urban poor, children switched from working on farms or in homes to working in factories, brick yards, and coal mines. The jobs became much more difficult to do and more dangerous to work at. Workers were overworked, nearly starved, and beaten. “They were often “strapped” or beaten” (Doc 1). They started working at ages as young as 7 years old and worked all their lives. They …show more content…

For example, William Cooper stated in document 1 that “ We began at five in the morning and stopped at nine at night”. From what Cooper said, one could infer that one did not get much rest between work and home. But there also was some good to the Industrial Revolution. Some people were more kind hearted people like Mr. Dale. Mr. Dale “ran his factory a lot differently than most” (Doc 5). He made their lives better than they were by providing them education, feeding them a sufficient amount food, and kept clothes on their back. Out of the nearly 3,000 children employed in the mills from 1785 to 1797 there were only 14 deaths.. Unfortunately most factory owners were not that kind back then and were extremely abusive and when the Industrial Revolution came around the

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