Industrialization Dbq Essay

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One positive attribute that came from Industrialization was that it provided better financial opportunities. Masses of different types of mills and factories started to show up like Flax Mills and Cotton Factories. These factories had many demands such as workers. Most of them had bad effects such as health conditions, but there were many other factories, such as the textile factory in Document 3 where it was stated that “Soon the production of exports outpaced the import of goods” (Document 3). This made most companies in England very wealthy compared to other countries like France because they could sell more than they bought. Mary Paul, a mill worker, said “I advise ‘any girl’ to come to Lowell for employment” (Document 1). The creation of the assembly line was also very good for …show more content…

“One person doing all five required steps in manufacturing a product can make one item or good, while Five people each specializing in one of the five steps, can make ten units in the same time” (Document 4). This made the pay of the workers skyrocket for their one special ability instead of having a lot more people sign up and do the whole job by themselves at a slower rate. Although the health conditions of these factories was not the best, at most mills and factories, the workers and entrepreneurs had better financial opportunities, giving everyone a job to go towards their family and for the stabilization of the government. More Jobs also furthered better financial opportunities. Another Positive characteristic that arose from Industrialization was that it created more jobs. To provide a home and fend for your family at time in history, it was essential

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