Industrialization Dbq

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What would society be like today if it were not for the Industrialization of America after the Civil War? In years following the Civil War the United States experienced a big change in industrialization. Industrialization had a big impact on the United States. We were the leading industrial nation and our gross national product was growing very fast. Many people left their farms to go and work in mines,factories, and some even became investors, or entrepreneurs. After the Civil War America became industrialized because it started to become modernized and jobs were available. During this time America started to develop new inventions. A few years after the Civil War there was an “explosion of invention and technological improvement.” ( Inventions helped Industrialization because “ They encouraged new industries, which in turn produced more wealth and jobs.” (Appleby etal 288). These inventions started to change the way people lived. Consumers and even corporation owners enjoyed these inventions. Now there were machines that could do work very fast. It produced goods faster and so production was easy. Yet there were still so many jobs during this time. …show more content…

In this time “The population of the United States more than doubled” ( because there was a lot immigrants coming to America. Also “The human resources available to American industry were as important as natural resources in enabling the nation to industrialize rapidly.” (Appleby etal 287). They worked long hours working in factories,mines, and even on railroads. Railroads played a big role during this time. Mostly because at the time land grants were being given. Railroads were used to transport resources from place to

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