1865 And 1920 Industrialization Analysis

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Between the year of 1865 and the year of 1920, the United States moved towards becoming a more industrialized and developing society. With this change taking place, resulted in improvement with how people live with family and earned money differently. The three major aspects of industrialization during the 1865 and 1920 that influenced the politics, economy and society of the United States are: entrepreneurship, technology, as well as transport and communication network. Entrepreneurship: the period after the Civil War from 1865 to 1920 was characterized by fast economic growth in the country. During this time period, real per capita product in the United Stated more than doubled and real Gross Domestic Product multiplied by over 7 times (Lamoreaux, 2010). The higher growth rates of total relative to per capita Gross Domestic Product indicate that the economy grew more by adding new inputs than it actually did through increasing productivity. The fast growing markets of the United States provided new opportunities for profits that entrepreneurs responded to. For instance, Andrew Carnegie responded to the opportunities and created Carnegie Steel and he …show more content…

These immigrants were immensely different ethnically and culturally. This immigration resulted in nativism – the fear of immigrants – becoming a major issue. Ordinary citizens of the United States looked to both control and restrict immigrants with a number of laws including the Chinese Exclusion Act which was enacted in the year 1882 (Lamoreaux, 2010). Most of the immigrants resided in ethnic urban neighborhoods. Immigrants were also affected since most of them were poor and lived in poorer neighborhoods and slums where conditions were

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