Industrial Growth Dbq Essay

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In 1860 through 1900 America experienced a huge period of industrial growth. This was due to 3 reasons. The first was that there was a huge tide of immigrants coming to America, second is that there was a lot of new inventions, and third being that the Civil War stimulated mass production techniques. Immigrants provided big companies with cheap labor, and lots of it. From 1880 to 1921, 23 million immigrants came to the U.S looking for work and opportunity. Many of these immigrants were unskilled workers who were just agricultural laborers. Some businesses bought ad space in the European newspapers saying that they would buy the immigrants ticket to america if they came to work for them. But they did not mention that they would be spending most of the rest of their lives trying to pay them back. This was one of the ways companies got extremely cheap labor. Inventions in the industrial revolution provided a means to make work faster and easier. In 1860, only 4357 patents were issued. But by 1900 24,644 patents were issued for inventions.In total, this is a difference of 19,887 patents issued between 1860 and 1900. This increase of inventions over the years helped pave the way for industrial growth. They did this by making it so factories can produce goods for …show more content…

This is good because goods like iron,steel, and railroads were needed to rebuild the nation. Also new cities were being made and had a high demand for the very same goods. When Abraham Lincoln became president, he and congress were unopposed in the making of new bills that would allow America to emerge from the war with great economic potential. One such initiative that Lincoln supported was the Pacific railway act, which made it so that there would be a transcontinental railroad linking the east and the west. This means that thousands of factories and laborers will get jobs helping produce this

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