Industrial Revolution Dbq Essay

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hDuring the Industrial Revolution in England, they had plenty of natural resources, factories increased , agriculture has increased by new inventions, and textile industry. All these problems were taken place in Great Britain because of textile industry and cotton was made there. New machines were creating because the clothing there. These problems put people into debt and into child labor, the outcome became worst and worst, where they couldn't escape or had no choice but to live on what they got or afford which created rage because of these changes. Before all this happen manufacturing was done in homes now it's all in factories, new inventions took over people's jobs, farmers don't need to do the work because of how much technology increased. …show more content…

They began to have women and children work in factories instead of homes and farming because they less they get payed the more they save but for that happening it could cause protest or strikes. Child labor was very seductive and unfair because families couldn’t afford to buy food or provide care the children need which puts the children in sickness or even worst death. (Doc 3) Changes in the textile industry inventions were to use machinery, which was cheaper than products made by hand (which took a long time to create), therefore allowing the cloth to be cheaper to the consumer. The inventions were a flying shuttle that was helpful for increasing speed of weaving and that was created by John Kay and spinning jenny was for to spun 8-10 threads at a time; used at home which was invented by James Hargreaves and water frame was for large spinning machine driven by water in factories and that was create by Richard Arkwright. The power loom was created by Edward Cartwright and his invention was to water powered; automatically wove thread into cotton and cotton gin was to separate seed from raw cotton and that was created by

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