How Did The World Change After Ww2 Essay

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After WWII, society took a drastic change for the better in America. America had just gone through the Great Depression, which was the deepest decline in America’s whole history and everyone was affected. Numerous people lost their jobs and were no longer able to afford basic necessities like a house, food, and water. Many could no longer support their families and had nothing. This was all in result of the market crashing, sending the economy into a downward spiral. Shortly after, WWII came around and it pulled the economy back up by providing jobs for people. Not only did it provide jobs, but it also changed the way people lived and the ideas of consumerism. People now had more money to spend on things they wanted, rather than barely being able to afford necessities. The transformation of American society after WWII can be seen through suburbanization, the GI Bill, the automobile, effects of consumerism on society …show more content…

Soldiers had fought hard for America in WWII, had seen things that could not be unseen and now they were finally coming home with a victory. When they came back, the men that went to war needed jobs, housing, and some even still needed education. Being a soldier was their job full-time prior to the victory and now it was time to come back to work, however, many of the jobs were created from the war to help the war effort. This left some unemployed and the GI Bill supplied the veterans of the second World War with unemployment insurance. Although, researchers Larsen, McCarthy, Moulton, Page, and Patel (2015) describe one of the main purposes of the GI Bill as to provide the returning veterans with a paid education including books, supplies, and counseling that the veterans needed to complete and education. Many of the men who left for war were 18, still in high school, or in the middle of college, hence, this bill gave the soldiers the opportunity they deserved to finish their education in order to obtain

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