Changes In America During Ww2 Essay

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Essay Do you know about the changes to daily American life during World War II? Life in America changed greatly during World War II as the nation organized to aid in the war effort. The importance of providing assistance and resources to the armed forces and to the Allies, along with the need to keep morale and efficiency at home, served as the motivation for the reforms. Federal programs, awareness campaigns, and changes in social and cultural norms were some of the strategies employed to support these changes. The rise in labor for women during World War II was one of the most important shifts. These women took up jobs that men left empty as they served in the military. This resulted in a big increase in the number of women working outside of the home, particularly in …show more content…

The government implemented rationing systems for a number of products, including food, drinks, clothes, and vehicle supplies in order to conserve resources for the war effort. Food was needed to supply the soldiers fighting, and according to Document 2, it was a weapon of war. These needed sacrifices changed everyday routines, but they also contributed to ensuring that the military forces and our allies had access to resources. Proof of rationing working is in Document 5 which shows the need for gasoline over time. Finally, to create cooperation among the people and to encourage support for the war effort, the government used propaganda and public education campaigns. This includes the use of posters, such as Dig for Victory and "We Can Do It!", and films such as Disney's "Der Fuehrer’s Face", and other forms of media to help raise awareness of the war and motivate individuals to take action, whether it be by joining the military, working at a factory, or saving and rationing resources. This was shown to be very effective in persuading U.S. citizens to take action and join the fight for their

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