How Did The United States Use Propaganda During Ww1

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In the early 1900’s European countries began competing and with that they were also building strong army’s and navy’s. After a while, the United States got involved and were in need of the people’s support. It took convincing but once people got on board with the idea of going to war, war fever in the United States was at an all-time high. The United Nations had not yet been established which meant conflicts were not getting resolved. This was unlike anything the U.S. had done before. The battle was overseas which made it that much more difficult. The rise of Industrialization was happening once again because factories began wartime production. Since men were being drafted out to fight, women took over their jobs. The labor force shifted from …show more content…

An independent government agency known as The Committee on Public Information was formed as a way to influence the public’s opinion which they did by using propaganda. There are many different forms of propaganda and many of them were used in WWI which author Joseph Joe Kaminski further discusses in “World War I and Propaganda Poster Art: Comparing The United States and German Class”. The answer to getting the public’s attention was by using different tactics to intrigue citizens; “The use of propaganda art was essential in galvanizing opinions and reshaping ideas during WWI” (Kaminksi, 2). The goal of the United States was to “mobilize a nation, as well as create an army” (Telzrow, 1). Things such as songs, newspapers and art were used as a way to influence public opinion. The goal of propaganda was public unity. One example of propaganda would be a poster with the words “Come On! Buy more Liberty Bonds” pictured with a U.S. Soldier which can be seen in the “Committee on Public Information”. Liberty Bonds were just another way to help raise money for the Allies during the war. Purchasing these war bonds could be seen as a symbol of patriotic duty. President Woodrow Wilson also organized “Four Minute Men” who would deliver speeches promoting and encouraging involvement in the war effort. During World War I U.S. citizens were also influenced to do other things such as ration food so that there was extra food for those fighting in the growing army overseas. People also began to donate raw materials which went towards the making of new technologies that would be used in the war. Propaganda was used as a way to get the people of the United States involved in helping with war

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