The Role Of Propaganda In World War I

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What is propaganda? Well, the definition of propaganda has been debated, for there are many different viewpoints on it. However, it is usually defined as any type of material used in hopes of influencing a community’s thoughts and viewpoints towards one subject. Many different types of propaganda were used in World War I successfully since people only received the information that the government wanted them to know. It twisted the truth and allowed for governmental control of people’s thoughts and viewpoints towards the war. Usually, people supported the war because propaganda allowed them to believe that war was worth fighting for. Some examples include: convincing people to go to war, unification of the nation, conserving food, buying bonds, and more. …show more content…

With the help of propaganda posters, artists were able to motivate Americans, young and old, to contribute to the role of the United States in the war. Posters often contained children smiling and holding a war bond, with certain words like, “Buy a War Bond today”, or, “Support our troops by buying a War Bond”. However, they didn’t have to involve children. One famous example is “Uncle Sam”, used a propaganda poster to help persuade people to sign up for the draft, was originally published as the cover for the July 6, 1916, issue of Leslie's Weekly this portrait of "Uncle Sam" went on to become--according to its creator, James Montgomery Flagg--"the most famous poster in the world." However, the U.S. wasn’t the only country to use

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