Propaganda During The Holocaust

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In society, murder, whether it be accidental or purposeful, has become very common. There approximately 16,238 murders per year in the United States. Most of these murders are “avenged” by the states, in that the criminals responsible for these vast number of deaths are usually either sentenced to imprisonment or death. Although justice is often served, occasionally, some murderers do go unnoticed. One of the most infamous murderers to go unnoticed is Adolf Hitler. Hitler killed over 60 million people. For some time his actions went unrecognized, disregarded and overlooked. Many people ask; How was he able to do this with no objections? The answers are simple. Hitler came into power during Germany’s time of need. He promised prosperity, and …show more content…

When supplies are low. When persuasion is necessary. Propaganda is biased or misleading information used to promote certain political views. Propaganda is used in almost every war, in an effort to gain what is needed for the army from the civilians. Although propaganda is used a lot, it was especially used during the time of the holocaust. It was used by Hitler in an attempt to belittle, and dehumanize Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc. In a way, it justified, and took away from the belligerent acts of the German government. It also deprived these persecuted groups of their self-worth, and dignity by demonizing, and outcasting them. Propaganda can be seen in the form of artwork, posters, television shows, movies, and anything that could be used to relay a message. In Germany, the most popular kind of propaganda was …show more content…

He gained his power from propaganda, preying on the hopes of the innocent, and a governing system without limitations. Something of this magnitude should never come into effect again, and there should be checks and balances in place to prevent such occurrences. Furthermore, this horrific genocide also portrays the atrocity of racism. Racism is still in dilemma in society today. Although the holocaust was tragic, it can serve as a reason why people need to love, and support each other, rather than hate, and

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