Propaganda And Stereotypes During World War II

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World War 2 was one of the most influential moments in history for countries all across the globe. During the war, England tried to increase the public's morale and boost work production to help the war effort. To do this they began to make and print out a multitude of different propaganda posters, all of which targeted various groups of people. Ranging from factory workers, mechanics, nurses, or in some cases women and children themselves. Propaganda involves the use of different techniques in order to send a message or instill a type of viewpoint in the audience often using generalization, name-calling, bandwagoning, and more to persuade people into doing or thinking things they wouldn't normally do otherwise. All of these factors and different techniques were often seen and used by England in their effort to improve the war effort. …show more content…

The surrounding area of the poster is covered in smoke and fire, seemingly covering the single soldier and technician in the poster. Coloring is also a major technique used in the poster to cause persuasion. This poster's coloring is very dark, filled with grey, and darker shades of blue, red, and yellow. This causes a distressing mood and eerie mood, making it seem as though horrific events will occur if technicians don't help with the war by helping repair and fix machinery. If one looks closely one would also see a car that has exploded, possibly due to someone not being able to fix it, pushing this idea and message even

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