Ww1 Propaganda Analysis

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Source A is a propaganda and was created by Norma Lindsay for the Commonwealth Government of Australia in 1918. It was sourced by W.E Smith LTD. Sydney. This poster Depicts a group of armed German soldiers threatening a young man pinned against a water tank. The other victims in this scene include an elderly man in the foreground, who has been shot, an elderly woman on her knees pleading with their captors, and a young woman in a state of half-undress who is being restrained by two German soldiers in the background. The use of the words “Will you fight now or wait for THIS” were expressed almost as a threat, and used the word “you” to reach to every person’s mind. This source was created by the Australian Commonwealth Government who were part of the Triple Entente (Russia, Britain, France), who were fighting against the Germans. The motive of this poster was to encourage Australian men who were aged between 18-35 to enlist in the army. As conscription was voted against they weren’t able to force men to go enlist in the army. So this propaganda was one of the poster’s that would have encouraged men to enlist in the army. The intended audience of this propaganda were the civilians of Australia who were able to enlist in the army. This propaganda …show more content…

It is also trusted because the Triple Entente defeated the Triple Alliance in this war. Therefore we know that the Triple Entente won the war, so Australian troops were sent to fight the Triple Alliance. As a result, we know that the Germans failed to invade Australia. Additionally, this source is trusted because the Triple Alliance were defeated in WW1.The perspective of this source is the Commonwealth Government of Australia, as they were the people who’ve created the poster. The source is certainly reliable to a historian studying propaganda in World War

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