Ww1 Propaganda Analysis

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Source A: “Will you fight now,or wait for THIS”, was created by the Commonwealth Government of Australia. This source is a propaganda poster created in WW1,1918 and is sourced in Australia. Source A poster was created to persuade civilians, in particular males in between the ages of 18 to 45, to enlist in the military to fight in WW1. The intended audience for this Source would be Australian citizens.

This source would be useful to a historian studying propaganda in the field of Australian War history during WW1. It would be useful to a historian because it would show how soldiers were recruited in Australia. And shows how the public were informed about the war and how they were asked to help in war efforts across all of the nations involved.

Source A is reliable because it shows how the Australian Commonwealth Government used propaganda to their advantage by making …show more content…

To make people even more afraid and somewhat patriotic.

This source is in the perspective of the Australian Government,with these facts therefore the source is reliable to a historian studying propaganda.

Source A is useful to a historian because to shows great information about how people viewed the Germans in WW1. And the unique and potentially offensive ways to recruit soldiers in WW1 to fight off Germans.

However Source A is not useful to a historian on the aspect of accuracy. This poster has highly exaggerated opinions about the German soldiers. This poster also exaggerated how the Germans will invade Australia if you did not enlist. There was a low chance of invasion because Australia was so far away from Germany. And Germany would not have that much of an advantage if they did invade.

Source A can teach you a lot about the war and the opinion people had about war, and other

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