How Did Gallipoli Affect Australia

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In world war 1 the battle of Gallipoli gave Australians, as a nation, a chance to introduce them selves to the world, and to show Australia 's honourable independent nations morals. The landing on ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) cove on the 25th of April, 1915, ended up being catastrophic and took the lives of 136,425 young men originating from 6 different countries. The campaign took the lives of 8704 young Australian bread men. Though the movement was a calamitous defeat for the allies. Nevertheless, the Gallipoli effort gave time for Australian young men to see other lands and to observe and learn about very different cultures, from the Anglo-Saxon influenced society which they were raised upon. Gallipoli supplied Australia …show more content…

Australians were often seen boisterous, often badly behaved men and consisted of strong physiques. The equivalence of which British soldiers have not seen. Quote from Charles bean reader (2006), "visitors from the frat retain declared that the Australians and New Zealand in Gallipoli were the biggest men they had seen in any force." (Source 1 photograph, 1915) photograph that shows the little numbers of Anzac troops leaving to make there way to Lemnos and eventually to Gallipoli. The men in Egypt to meet the local people and also people from many parts of the world. These events gave Australians for the first time a better acquaintance with foreign culture. Australians also did the same to these locals and men. They gained a reputation of being rowdy, unruly, drunken and undisciplined, "their refusal to statute British officers became the accepted norm" (Lindsay, P. (2006) the spirit of Gallipoli). (Source 2) This source is a one sided opinion but it makes fantastic points and though bias it 's not overly. This source says that our campaign was like the American civil war . We were both young countries introduced to the horrors of advanced of modern warfare, but unlike the civil war, it was not the Turks attacking us, in fact it was us Australians going to a foreign country that we had no strife …show more content…

The Gallipoli campaign had supplied for the first time a self named identity seen by many. 100 years later after the cease fire on November 11, 1918, we as a proud nation commemorate the ANZAC character every year on the 25th of April. We see that in source 12 that not only our own nation commemorates the ANZAC spirit but others also recognise the ANZAC 's. The photograph shows the Queen and the Royal Family with Prime Minister Menzies showing tribute to the ANZAC troops on the 50th Anniversary. (1923 poem by Joan Torrance source 10) this source shows the excessive emotions of dignity, and heightened awareness of fanaticism in Australia. This poem indicates its tribute to Australia instead of Britain. The poem also expresses that other nations identified Australia.

The Great War for ANZAC 's, Although death and much despair, Australian troops had formed a name for Australia, out of there sense of brotherhood and pride. They were forced to britains aid though not there war to fight. This war thought not there 's had given a opportunity for travel and to meet and become fond with other cultures. As of now Australia is proud culture, we should know to pay tribute to our ANZAC 's, as I believe we lack to do so to a curtain degree. For our young soldiers where the reason for Australia 's identity and sense of

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