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  • Religion And Spirituality In Australia

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    influence the aspects of law, education and morality in contemporary Australian society, with focus drawn to the customs taught to the new generation of youth. In a nation which is increasingly secular, religion still has a major influence in the way Australia is run and the laws citizens are required to abide by. Australia’s legal system heavily draws from Christian ethics and morals, highlighted by the ten commandments which secured the foundation of multiple laws, as they provide a code of conduct

  • The Importance Of Tourism In Australia

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    Australia is a country that has a perfect mix of flora and fauna with few the worlds ' most unique and varied natural environments. Amazing wildlife coupled with awe inspiring scenery and locations make the Country of the Kangaroos an ideal candidate to spend your holiday in. From trekking snow capped peaks, mountain biking to under water diving available to you, Australia gives you a chance to experience several emotions at the same time. Having said that let us now look at 8 of the best travel

  • Effects Of Racism In Australia

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    indigenous population of Australia. Despite knowing about the continent being inhabited by one of the Earth’s oldest civilizations, Great Britain considered Australia terra nullius - land belonging to no one. With that said, the British went through with the plan of establishing a penal colony in New South Wales and in 1788, the First Fleet led by Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Sydney Cove. This essay will focus on the effects of racism towards the Aboriginal population of Australia in the past and today

  • Indigenous People In Australia

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    Australian people Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse societies in the world today. Almost one in four Australian residents were born outside of Australia and many more are first or second generation Australians, the children and grandchildren of recently arrived migrants and refugees. This wide variety of backgrounds, together with the culture of Indigenous Australians who have lived on the Australian continent for more than 50,000 years, have helped create a uniquely Australian identity

  • Indigenous People In Australia

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    Studies have shown that the indigenous peoples of Australia were the first modern people to have migrated out of Africa. When the first Europeans started coming to Australia, the indigenous Australians didn 't know if they were either male or female, because of the clothing and wigs that the men wore. In the first week there were 1100 foreigners. It was a completely different change of lifestyle when they came. Also there was a disease that was wiping the indigenous people out (killing). The disease

  • The Stolen Generation In Australia

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    The stolen generation has shaped Australian history and culture, it has changed the existence of equality experienced today. The stolen generation refers to the removal of Aboriginal children from their families by the government officials of Australia. They were placed into institutions and catholic orphanages, they were forced into a “white” society. These acts has caused them to experience a violation of culture, loss of identity and loss of family. They have suffered a lot and have endured a

  • Essay About Australia Day

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    to present the ideas behind Australia Day and what I believe it means to be an Australian. Today, at BBQs and thong throwing competitions; in the bush and on beaches, millions of people will celebrate being Australian. Some of you may commemorate with a full day of celebrations, while others might just have a brief moment today for a minute of calm reflection and pride for being an Australian. But for all Australians, today is filled with special meaning. While Australia Day marks the anniversary of

  • Essay About Australia Travel

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    Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s known as a major backpacking, camping, and driving destination, but no matter what your travel style is, there is something to draw you here. The country is filled with incredible natural beauty from Uluru to the outback, rainforests to pristine white sand beaches, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney’s Harbor Bridge and Opera House are iconic man made wonders, and Melbourne’s café culture will make you feel like

  • Quality Of Life In Australia

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    Quality of life in Australia The truth is that Australia is one of the most sought after emigration destinations in the world. Australia offers an abundance of wonderful elements such as beautiful beaches, magnificent scenery, diverse wildlife as well as a wealth of opportunities. People from all over the world actively seek out Australia as their number one country of choice for relocation due to the quality of life in Australia. Australia offers a high quality of living that is unbeatable to many

  • Importance Of Living In Australia

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    country I have chosen is Australia. Once a British colony, Australia is now the sixth biggest country and the smallest continent and the richest country with a high standard of living. In recent years, Australia has had a competitive, open and vibrant outstanding economies. Australia has a competitive, high economic performance from having an effective management and comprehensive economic policy of their economy, and dynamic private sector and a skilled, flexible workforce. Australia remains competitive

  • Travel Destination In Australia

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    Australia Are you thinking about your next travel destination? Do you decide to travel to Australia? If your next travel destination is in Australia, then this article would help you a lot to know more about Australia, its top tourist attractions, its top-ranked hotels and restaurants, and many other details that would help you a lot in preparing your trip plan. Australia is ranked as the 6th largest country all over the world by land area, where its area is about 7,682,300km² and the distances

  • Essay On Australia Day

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    Should Australia change the date of Australia Day? Some of you may be wondering why this is such a controversial issue and some of you might already know. If you don’t know why I’ll tell you. The date that we celebrate Australia Day is not the date we became our own country, you may be thinking “so what?” well I’ll tell you, the day we are celebrating is the day Great Britain invaded Australia and the start of when they tortured and killed thousands of the Australian indigenous people, there are

  • Economic Development In Australia

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    The history of white Australia from the 1840s to the 1890s is influenced by the dramatic growth of economic activity, resulting from the expansion of the pastoral and mining industries and of the urban centers. The gold rushes of the 1850s provided some stimulus, especially in Victoria, but the important factors behind the sustained economic boom of 1860-90 was migration, British capital investment and active colonial participation in the development of public works, pastoral farming, mining, small-scale

  • Human Rights In Australia

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    (A) In Australia we have three main areas of human rights, individual human rights, democratic human rights and legal human rights. Individual human rights include, civil rights (freedom of speech and religion), economic rights (contract and property law) and social rights (privacy, education, family, environment). Democratic human rights protect political views but are reflected in the system of government in Australia and its laws. These include rights to vote, regular and democratic elections

  • Assimilation Policy In Australia

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    possible were able to assimilate into the white community. As a result, for the Aboriginal people assimilation meant the loss of their culture, beliefs, languages and most importantly their family as they were forced to adopt the white culture in Australia. The loss of cultural identity is a negative experience that was endured by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

  • Australia Day Vs. Invasion Day

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    MEDIA REVIEW - EPISODE 29 - AUSTRALIA DAY VS INVASION DAY Written by Zodie Bolic Who would have known that the date we celebrate our nation could cause such a rift? Hi, I 'm Zodie Bolic, and welcome to Media Review, the show where we analyse the media and their various portrayals and positioning of audiences on a topical issue at the moment. Tonight 's episode - Australia Day vs Invasion Day. Australia Day commemorates the landing of the British at Sydney Cove and our introduction to their society

  • What Is The Importance Of Tourism In Australia Essay

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    Australia is one of the few places in the world that has everything for everyone, regardless of the season. It has beautiful beaches and diving sites like tropical vacation destinations. It has wide arid lands reminiscent of Nevada, but also with a wide expanse of verdant plains and rolling countryside. If you drive through its many scenic routes, you have breath-taking scenery on one side and the best views of the beach from another. Given this many avenues to have fun, there is no shortage of sightseeing

  • Aboriginal Land In Australia Essay

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    Australia is a country with a lot of history. It all began back then, at least 30,000 years ago about 40,000 BC when the first Aborigines, who are the native people of Australia, arrived from South East Asia. Many Aborigines to this day earn money through selling their native artworks. Aboriginal music is commonly perceptible for its well known instrument, the didgeridoo. Its a wind instrument usually made from bamboo. By the 1800’s, the majority of the Aboriginal population joined urban societies

  • Importance Of Tourist Places In Australia

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    Tourist Spots in Australia Australia is the smallest continent in the world, but this doesn’t mean that there are less great places for tourism than everywhere else. Unusual wildlife, ancient culture, rich history and beautiful beaches of Australia will fulfill the desires of every tourist who comes there. A guide through the best tourist spots in Australia: 10. Adelaide Adelaide, or the City of Churches, is one of the largest cities in Australia and the capital of the Southern Australia state. More than

  • Importance Of Travel Destination In Australia

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    Australia Are you thinking about your next travel destination? Do you decide to travel to Australia? If your next travel destination is in Australia, then this article would help you a lot to know more about Australia, its top tourist attractions, its top-ranked hotels and restaurants, and many other details that would help you a lot in preparing your trip plan. Australia is ranked as the 6th largest country all over the world by land area, where its area is about 7,682,300km² and the distances