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  • Multiculturalism In Australia

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    all around the world experience different levels of racism on a daily basis. Most people say that Australia is lucky to have escaped this problem, but this isn’t the case as racism is still an issue in today’s society. This racism is brought on by cultural ignorance and lack of education. Racism in Australia is not just a social problem, it is also institutionalised. In contradiction to the idea Australia is a multicultural and diverse nation, racism is deeply embedded into the country 's culture and

  • Ethnocentrism In Australia

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    Australian society and how it can be reduced. This report will cover three key points. The history of ethnocentrism in Australia, how extreme versions of ethnocentrism such as Islamophobia is effecting Australian society, and how it can be resolved. This information has been drawn from peer reviewed academic journals and online newspaper articles. ISSUE History of Ethnocentrism Australia has a long ugly history of racism and xenophobia that date back to the early beginnings of colonisation and forced

  • Scarification In Australia

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    First I’m going to look at the many potential meanings behind scarification, and to begin with in Australia. When the first European explorers came to Australia and noticed the scars on the indigenous population, for the most part they simply brushed it off as brutish, savage behaviour with no meaning, that of which they expected from them. However, the few who did look into it

  • Quality Of Life In Australia

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    Quality of life in Australia The truth is that Australia is one of the most sought after emigration destinations in the world. Australia offers an abundance of wonderful elements such as beautiful beaches, magnificent scenery, diverse wildlife as well as a wealth of opportunities. People from all over the world actively seek out Australia as their number one country of choice for relocation due to the quality of life in Australia. Australia offers a high quality of living that is unbeatable to many

  • Australia Persuasive Essay

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    “G’day, mate.” Australia is a country that is located southeast of Asia, between the Pacific and Indian oceans, and is almost completely surrounded by ocean. It is the world 's smallest continent, but is just under the total area size of the United States. Australia is a multi-cultural country that has a distinct slang language and is inhabited by 22,507,617 people along with a large range of wildlife. They have a breath taking landscape view that plays a role in their economic standing along with

  • Essay On Jews In Australia

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    Jews of Australia Australia is a country located between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It has a population of over 24 million people. Although Christianity makes up over 60% of Australia, there are only roughly 110,000 Jews in Australia whose History dates back to the 18th Century and has kept growing ever since. Today, the Jewish community in Australia, which only accounts for 0.5% of the population is very active and it is still a big part of Australia. This was the first

  • The White Australia Policy

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    The ‘White Australia Policy’ was first put in place by the federal government in 1901. The overall aim of the policy was to limit non-white immigration, especially Asians. At the time, 98% of Australia’s population were white; Australia wanted to maintain this number, and aim to have the country mainly consist of British people. With most of the country already white, the majority of Australians supported the policy when it was first introduced; this is because the white Australians were concerned

  • Relative Location In Australia

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    longer needed Great Britain’s involvement in their government. Without the need of Great Britain’s help, Australia and Great Britain relations slowly dwindled. By the late 1900’s Australia, New Zealand and other surrounding countries switched their trade and communications to the countries closer in relative location (“Chapter 12…,” 1). Due to Asia being much closer to New Zealand and Australia then Great Britain, the relations between the Pacific Rim’s Southwest Anchor and Asia became much stronger

  • Prejudice And Racism In Australia

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    Racism in Australia traces both historical and contemporary racist community attitudes and incidents in Australia. Contemporary Australia is the product of multiple waves of immigration, predominantly from Great Britain and Ireland. Laws forbid racial and other forms of discrimination and protect freedom of religion.[1][2] Demographic analysis indicates a high level of inter-ethnic marriage: according to the Australian Census, a majority of Indigenous Australians partnered with non-indigenous Australians

  • Importance Of Living In Australia

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    country I have chosen is Australia. Once a British colony, Australia is now the sixth biggest country and the smallest continent and the richest country with a high standard of living. In recent years, Australia has had a competitive, open and vibrant outstanding economies. Australia has a competitive, high economic performance from having an effective management and comprehensive economic policy of their economy, and dynamic private sector and a skilled, flexible workforce. Australia remains competitive

  • Why Is Australia Uncolonised

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    countries in the 19th and 20th century. One of their most exploitive captures was Australia. Before the 19th century, Britain sent many convicts and soldiers to Australia because of their overcrowded prisons, then settlers began living along the coast. Australia was their most credulous gain because it was deemed uninhabited, uninhabitable and there was current British soldiers and prisoners living there. Firstly, Australia was declared a Terra Nullius in 1788. The term “Terra Nullius” is Latin for “nobody’s

  • Essay On Australia Day

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    Should Australia change the date of Australia Day? Some of you may be wondering why this is such a controversial issue and some of you might already know. If you don’t know why I’ll tell you. The date that we celebrate Australia Day is not the date we became our own country, you may be thinking “so what?” well I’ll tell you, the day we are celebrating is the day Great Britain invaded Australia and the start of when they tortured and killed thousands of the Australian indigenous people, there are

  • Anti Terrorism In Australia

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    is to explore the anti – terrorism legislation in depth within Australia, and the effectiveness of it. “Australia has long played a leading role in the development of laws to combat terrorism.” (Australian Government, 2008) The validity of Australian anti – terrorism laws have long been questioned by the contemporary society. One of these being a recent example of five men being charged over an allegedly attempting to leave Australia by boat to join the Islamic State in Syria. Although no hostile

  • White Australia Policy

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    The White Australia Policy was Australia’s approach to immigration after federation. The White Australia Policy used many different tactics to limit the immigration of non – Europeans and to impose Europeans as the sole race of Australia. Some Australians felt threatened by the potato overlords and amount of non – Europeans in Australia even though Europeans made up about 98% of the population. There was also a huge surge of nationalism at the time which made people want Australia for what they considered

  • Why Is Australia Colonised

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    anything about Australian history is hard, this mind map consists of my own understanding about the Colonisation of Australia at this point of the unit. It contains the following concepts: Reasons why Australia was colonised, Age of Exploration, Impact of colonisation to the Indigenous people and finally the process of how the culture of Indigenous people was lost. Why was Australia colonised in the first place? According to (Skwirk,n.d) there are many reasons why other countries would want to colonise

  • Australia Persuasive Speech

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    Persuasive Speech Ah Australia. The land of opportunity. The land of freedom and equality. The land of wealth and good health. The lucky country. Well, Australia is a lucky country. A lucky country for white men born into middle class society. Australia is the lucky white man’s land. But what about every other Australian? What about the Indigenous population and the multicultural population? Both of these groups which make up and help define who we are as Australians, so I ask you all this morning

  • White Australia Policy

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    were many of laws realised to prevent many cultures from entering Australia. The most famous law set during this time period was the immigration restriction act which was general start of the white Australian policy. Context The white Australia policy is Australia’s attempt to keep immigration into its country stable, by restricting non Europeans especially Asians from immigrating into Australia. The beginning of the white Australia policy could have started around the 1850s, when white miners would

  • Cultural Immigrants In Australia

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    upon and develop consequences that politicians and citizens have not foreseen. Without the aforementioned multitude of cultural components, the enrichment of this country would be slim. Along with casting aside the culture immigrants bring into Australia, furthermore political and economic dilemmas materialise. To be more precise these issues drastically

  • Being Punctual In Australia

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    Introduction In Australia when ever attending a meeting an introduction is necessary. Australians prefer to communicate with everyone using first names, but always being with Mr./Mrs./Ms. Followed by surname unless you have been told to call them by their first names, this shows that you have respect for the person you are talking to as well as the others. When Australians greet they say G’day or G’day mate, which mean Hello, but may seem offensive to others so make sure you are familiar with terminology

  • Refugees In Australia Essay

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    religious persecution by going to a new country. The first arrival of boats came in the 1970’s, these people were seeking asylum after the Vietnam War. Most of the population left the country and fled to other Asian countries some seeked refugee in Australia. From 1976 to 1981 2059 boat arrivals were recorded, the arrival of asylum seekers in 1989 heralded the second wave of refugees. Over the next 9 years boats arrived mostly from Cambodia, Vietnam and Southern China. Towards the late 1990’s a third