Cuba Vs. Australi Similarities Between Australia And Australia

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Cuba V Australia
There are many similarities between Australia and Cuba. Australia has a population of 23,993,700 and an area of 7,692,024 〖km〗^2, However Cuba has a population of 11,167,325 with an area of just 109,884〖km〗^2. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, although their political and economic freedom is not ranked highly, it is classified high in human development by the United Nations performing especially well in education and health. Australia, one of the wealthiest country’s in the world with a GDP of $1.525 trillion US, ranks highly in many of the international comparisons, especially quality of life, health and education.
Material Living Standards:
Material living standards in terms of wealth are better in Australia than Cuba. With Cuba’s average monthly monthly wage as of July 2013 is 466 Cuban pesos which is equivalent to about 26 Australian dollars and Australia’s average monthly wage of $407. Australia’s GDP is $1.525 trillion US and Cuba’s GDP $77.1 Billion US. The average wealth of an Australian is $515,550.
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Australia’s life expectancy is 82 years old and Cuba’s is 79 years old. Both of which compare well with the rest of the world. Both life expectancies have risen 5 years over the past 20 years. Cuba, which was ranked highly in health by the United Nations, became the first country to eradicate the mother to child transmission of the disease HIV an syphilis, this was praised by the world health organisation and was one of the greatest ever health achievements. Australia, also ranked very high in the health category by the United Nations, has the third highest life expectancy. Australia has had multiple medical breakthroughs especially being able to use technology to build and develop robotic body parts. Recently the development of the bionic ear which lets deaf people

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