Summary Of Everyone Leaves

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Cuba right now is the only current country under communism in Latin America. Due to communism, the citizens of Cuba live in economic and political unrest. Many Cubans resort to fleeing from Cuba to escape their living conditions. For some people leaving is the only solution. In the book, Everyone Leaves, Wendy Guerra illustrates how hardships and or situations force people to leave. In the book, Nieve winds up living with her abusive father and because of that decides to escape. After winning custody of her daughter, Nieve’s father is now living with her and is responsible for her. Nieve now has to endure living with her. Nieve’s father forbids her from writing in her journal, but Nieve ignores him and decides to write behind his back. One …show more content…

In the story, Nieve hasn’t seen her mother in three weeks and gets a rare visit from her mother for her birthday. When they see each other Nieve’s mother gets emotional and begins to cry because of seeing her daughter covered in bruises. Nieve’s mother also brings her books to read and food that Fausto made as presents for her. While Nieve’s mother is visiting Nieve’s father returns and is mad her for visiting. In Everyone Leaves, Guerra writes , “My mom visited me for three hours, until my father showed up and screamed at her that she was crazy and that we have food her”. My mom got scared and said good-bye right away.” (46) Nieve’s mother is well aware that Nieve is being abused by her father, yet she does not do anything to keep that from happening. Instead she leaves sadly knowing what is happening in the house. In the story, Nieve decides to escape her father by going to the director and showing him her bruises which she in fact inflicted on herself ,but lied by saying her father did it. The director then chooses to take Nieve to her mother. As they were crossing Manicaragua, Nieve’s father was there waiting for them. It becomes January 11 and Nieve is now in a ‘boarding school’ , but really it’s a orphanage; She is sent there because he mother signed a document not permitting Nieve to stay with her and her boyfriend, Fausto. This decision by her mother really furiated Nieve and Fausto. In Everyone Leaves, Guerra writes, “... she said that if the lawyers didn’t give their permission, she couldn’t let me stay the night because she’d signed a paper that very clearly said she wouldn’t do that”(74,75). Nieves’ mother's’ decision to sign the paper surprised Nieve and made Fausto angry. Nieve later states her mother is a coward and they will not be together until she changes. This also illustrates that Nieve’s mother wants to

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