Puerto Rico Compare And Contrast Essay

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Sitting in the waters of the Caribbean Sea are two islands known as Cuba and Puerto Rico. When viewing these islands, the most common error individuals make is mistaking the two islands as being identical to each other. In reality, Puerto Rico and Cuba each have distinct differences that make themselves unique. To begin with, Puerto Rico and Cuba each have completely different government conditions. For instance, Cuba has been established as a dictatorship while Puerto Rico has been established as a republic. Under these conditions each of the countries have developed in complete different ways. For example, in Cuba, the citizens have had to live under the constant rules of their leader Fidel Castro. Castro used his power to create the structure of Cuba in the same structure as that of the Soviet Union, which in return caused him to lock up or execute anyone who went against what he said. Due to those reasons, Cuba 's economy was gravely wounded and the entire country was forced to grow under strained conditions, …show more content…

For one, even though Cuba had intense difficulties in the past, it 's been able to provide for itself and sustain its own economy. However as for Puerto Rico, it 's recently had a large decline in its economy. Due to the decline, it 's had to rely on the United States in federal aid, and as a consequence Puerto Rico 's “unemployment rate swelled to about 16% compared to that of Cuba, which stands at only 2.4%”. In fact, these unemployment rates have again changed the view of the islands. Puerto Rico is now viewed as an island that 's close to falling apart. Thousands of families every year are leaving Puerto Rico and migrating to the United States instead. As for Cuba, it 's now viewed as country who’s starting to make big changes and looking to start growing into a larger and efficient nation. In short, these two economies are very far apart from another, showing great

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