Dominican Republic Research Paper

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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Template I. Introduction a. General information about DR and Dominican Republic b. Similarities between these two countries c. Thesis statement II. Body a. Body paragraph 1: Differences/people. i. How are they considered - Extroverts vs shy people 1. Details and examples b. Body paragraph 2: Differences/finances. i. Easy to obtain a job vs unemployment 1. Details and examples c. Body paragraph 3: Differences/food. i. Variety of food and resources vs poverty 1. Details and examples III. Conclusion a. Summary of main points Living in Dominican Republic vs living in Haiti Important researches about the history of the Caribbean shows significant geographical information about the second largest island in the Caribbean also known as the Hispaniola, which contains two separate countries; Dominican Republic and Haiti. This two countries are similar in several ways; for example, both share an impressive history about their colonialism and slavery. Even …show more content…

Dominicans have a variety of food, such as dairy products, meats, breads, fruits, and vegetables. Unlike Haiti, Haitians eat the same food every day; for example, rice, beans, mangos and unhealthy food, as cookies, made by them using mud. It is not easy to obtain resources from the nothing because Haiti does not produce enough food crops and livestock to feed its people. As I have said, even though Dominicans and Haitians share history and land, they both finished in a very different situation, so they differ in several aspects. People in each of these two countries have their own lifestyle according to their own thoughts, beliefs, culture, and government rules. However, both countries still been together as one because they are situated in the same island, but only divided by a barrier named border, which involves a physical and emotional border that has long separated

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