Haitian Declaration Of Independence Analysis

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This quote taken from the Haitian Declaration of Independence can be broken down into sections showing how Jean-Jacques Dessalines was able to rally his Country together to fight for their right to become a sovereign State. To begin, the declaration uses the phrase “Native Citizens” to bring a sense of nationalism to all citizens who are reading at the time. This sense of nationalism to start off the quote is attempting to rally the people of Haiti together, which is an idea that will continued to be brought up. The declaration follows this by telling all people to cast their gaze on their island. To understand what the next part of the quote one must know that the Haitian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on January 1st,1804, an era in which gender equality didn’t exist and the man was thought of as the only liable worker and soldier. So, when the Declaration states that “Native Citizens” including all “men, women, girls and children” it is displaying that this is no longer just about men and that everyone single person, including the “girls and children” will need to have a role if they wish to have a …show more content…

After thinking, I realized that, along with Haiti, many other islands in the Caribbean had been or still were under colonization and being oppressed. The use of the word “island” here can be seen as a call to battle to all other islands in the Caribbean who are being oppressed by their colonizers. Although not immediately following the Haitian War of Independence, many of the fellow Countries that were being oppressed in the Caribbean slowly began to realize and fight for their independence. For this reason, I find the use of the word “island” in this quote very

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