Haitian Influence On The American Revolution

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People created change by revolting against the power who enslaved them. The Haitians created change by rising against their captors based on the text. With that revolution, the French had lost money from the war that they were fighting and had to make some tough decisions. According to the text, the Haitians revolted against the French, and because of that, the French lost money because Haiti was the wealthiest colony of the French. The European wars also made France lose money because their numbers were falling and they needed it. Napoleon the leader of the French abandoned his dream of a French empire when the Haitians revolted. It also made him desperate for money, making him sell the Louisiana territory according to the text. The loss …show more content…

Such as Nat Turner’s revolt against slavery, Turner started with a few trusted fellow slaves. “All his initial recruits were other slaves from his neighborhood.” The area men had to find ways to communicate their intentions without giving up their plot. Songs may have tipped the neighborhood members on movements. "It is believed that one of the ways Turner summoned fellow conspirators to the woods was through the use of particular songs. The rebels traveled from house to house, freeing slaves and killing the white people they found. The rebels ultimately included more than 70 enslaved and free men of color. The rebellion was suppressed within two days, but Turner eluded capture by hiding in the woods until October 30, when farmer Benjamin Phipps discovered him. Turner was hiding in a hole covered with fence rails. While awaiting trial, Turner confessed his knowledge of the rebellion to attorney Thomas Ruffin Gray, who compiled what he claimed was Turner 's confession. On November 5, 1831, Turner was tried for "conspiring to rebel and making insurrection," convicted and sentenced to death. Turner was hanged on November 11 in Jerusalem, Virginia. This shows that trying to make a change cannot always go as expected because of power or intellect. For the Haitians case, they created change because they stop the war of France against the rest of the world. Change is a game of chance because it is determined by numbers, strategy, and time. I say this because over time the French started losing money because of the revolt and the european war. Which lead to their downfall and the loss of their

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