Haitian Revolution Dbq Essay

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In Haiti, back in 1791 to 1803 the Haitian revolution started. Slaves population have no liberty or property. They faced a lot of unfair deals that the society confirmed. Even though many of them died of plantation, the ratio of enslaves people to free people is still too high to estimate. The high death rate made people in Haiti to ship more slaves from Africa. Eventually the slaves had enough with people in this island that located in the caribbean so they started the Haitian revolution to fight back their freedom. There are a lot of causes people might think of that cased the Haitian revolution. Even though the french revolution was a significant cause of the Haitian revolution, the single most important cause was the high population of slaves who desired their own liberty, because without the desire that slaves had towards freedom, they will not able to think of starting the revolution, and the large amount of slavery which made them had strength to fight. …show more content…

Which made the largest mistake and the most significant cause of the Haitian revolution. As time goes on, more and more slaves that were African born wanted liberty and “one unintended consequence of this situation was that two third of the more than half million slaves in the colony had been born free in African (Document 3).” The large amount of slave population were formed by people who borned in Africa which made their desire of freedom stronger than slaves who born in Haiti. Thus, they are more likely to stand up for

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