Slavery: How The Haitian Revolution Changed The World

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The result of the Haitian revolution changed the world forever, as it was the first and only slave lead revolution the world has seen that successfully gained independence by force. It lasted for 12 years from August 21, 1791, to January 1, 1804, with a series of conflicts fought by the Haitian slaves against Britain, France, and many other parties interested in preserving slavery. It was fought on modern-day Haiti under French rule and named Saint-Domingue, the wealthiest colony belonging to the French before the revolution. The man that led this abolition of slavery was Toussaint L’Ouverture. He fought to eradicate physical and mental slavery that bound many slaves. The fight for freedom and end to slavery was a costly war for both sides. …show more content…

Even with Haiti being ostracized by many countries, merchants still spread the news and caused many countries to have slave revolts. The significance of the revolution has caused mass change around the world on its stance towards slavery. As the Haitian revolution was the first violent slave uprising the world had seen. With it, then came the concern around slavery and the spark for civil rights movements across the globe. The Haitian revolution was fought based on the American and French revolutions principals, which paved the way for Universal human rights we now have today. The Haitian revolution fought for years to ensure everyone got the right to liberty, and not just a select few, such as only white males. It took many different leaders to rise and take control of the revolution and ensure that all people have the right to freedom. Many had to die in this bloody conquest for freedom, but in doing so they gave people everywhere the ability to ending slavery and gaining their own liberty.

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