How Did Locke's Ideas Lead To The American Revolution Dbq

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From the 16th to 18th century, countries in Europe were experiencing new ideas and reforms. Philosophers like Locke believed in social equality. They have discussed the purpose of a government and spread their ideas. Locke’s ideas led to the revolution in France, who didn’t have rights under absolute monarch’s control. After the French gained their rights, people in Haiti started to fight because they wanted to have the same rights that French gained during the reform. Locke’s ideas have given Frenchmen the courage to fight against the strict government. During the reign of Louis XIV, nobles’ power was strictly limited. By making the nobles live in Versailles, Louis could easily watch over his nobles. Later, Louis XVI took over the throne. He raised taxes then spent the money in whatever way he pleased (Doc 5). He also imprisoned anyone he wanted without doing trials and controlled people’s right to speak. None of these restrictions were close to Locke’s meaning of a government. Locke defended that a government should protect the rights of the people because every man have rights to life, liberty, and property. He then stated that if a government fail to do so, it can be revolted …show more content…

After several reforms, Frenchmen gained new rights. They obtained the freedom to speak and press. Education had been reformed and became free, compulsory, universal, and secular. Jobs were opened for all class based on talents (Doc 6). All these new ideas had influenced Toussaint L’ Ouverture, a self taught salve. He used the ideas like freedom of speech and social equality to support his revolt on abolishing slavery (Doc 7). Many parts of the Haitian Constitution were similar to the French Constitution. This show that French Constitution's ideas have great contribution to the Haitian revolution. If the French Constitution wasn’t made, Toussaint probably won’t be successful on persuade the Haitian to

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