Comparison And Contrast Essay: Haitian Culture Vs. American Culture

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Haitian Vs Americans Culture According to Samuel Lagerlof “Culture is what remains when that which has been learned is entirely forgotten” (as cited in Usunied,1996, p.94). Every single country in the world possesses his own culture no culture is more important than another. They’re just different. However, Haiti’s culture differs from the United States in three major points; Values, religion, and norms. Even though Haiti’s a poor country, his people have a big heart. Parents don’t want their child to work, they make them focus on school only, and their education. On the other hand, Americans just consider a child to be lazy if at their teenage age they still don’t work. They raise their children to be independent different from Haitian that make their children to depend on them. Another fact is that Americans are not really friendly; they avoid contact with people, and they have a hypocrite smile on their face, however, Haitians are really friendly, sincere, and courteous. They also value school and intellectual behaviors as key off success, while Americans only have money as their only goal. In October 31st Americans celebrate Halloween they go to parties, they prank …show more content…

For example; in America people are violating the norms when they end up telling someone about their whole day, when they’ve just asked how they were. This violation is actually a law when it comes to Haiti. When someone ask another how he or she is doing, it’s totally normal to tell this person how your day was so far. Another strange thing is that in America you got to keep your personal space. As a matter of fact, people don’t kiss, don’t touch each other. They’re just like Muslim girls. In total opposite of Haiti where closer people are to each other, more sociable they consider themselves. kissing totally unknown persons on the chin is daily routine. Now people have an idea of how big the gaps are between the norms of these two

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