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The culture of Haiti is a diverse mixture between African and European cultures. Haiti culture was based on the French settlement in Haiti. Other cultures that influenced Haitian culture were Spanish Imperialism and people from the Caribbean. Some traditional holidays are Independence Day, which unlike the United States, is celebrated on the first of January. On January 2nd Haitians also celebrate Hero’s Day also known as Ancestors Day. National Sovereignty Day is celebrated on May 22nd and Discovery Day is on December 5th. A custom for the people of Haiti is physically greeting each other as soon as they enter a room, by casually shaking hands or throwing kisses. Hatians are not very direct in their communications. In Haiti the government consists of a President and a Prime Minister. The President has limited power and is assisted by the Prime Minister. The Haitian people see the Prime Minister as the head of the government. The Haitian government has a lot of similarities to the U.S. Like the Executive and Legislative Branches. The Haitian government also includes 30 members of the senate which is the upper house and 99 members of the chamber of deputies which is the lower house. A large portion of the population in Haiti follow the Roman Catholic Religion, however, there is an understanding that Voodoo may be the National Religion of Haiti. In the …show more content…

French and Creole. The language spoken by the majority of Haitians is French. In the past 9 out of 10 people spoke creole and 1 out of 10 people spoke French. In recent times Creole has slowly dissolved and French has taken over. Haitians took pride in creole because it was considered the National Tongue. There are two areas separating the speech. One called Monolingual Majority which are people who only speak one language. The other is known as Bilingual, which is includes the ability to speak two languages. People believe that Creole was created by French Colonist and African

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