Narrative Essay On African American Culture

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I am an African American female whom is a descendent from the African Slave and a native American refugee. My culture runs deep in my veins and I am a product of the strength of my mother and father. While growing up I understood we were on the poverty line. My family lived in a small home with 3 bedrooms and occupied 7 people. I grew up in a small southeast Georgian town named Statesboro. You may know of Statesboro if you listen to the Blues. A famous blues man by the name of Blind Willie Mctell wrote a song called Statesboro blues about his beloved home town. Statesboro is a small town where the color lines are divided. Although things have changed along the years, some tension still exist. My microsystem while growing up was my family and friends in my neighborhood in school. Microsystem is a part of …show more content…

Usually in African American communities you hear a wise saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and that that is exactly how it was. My friends and I were always watched by older neighbors around us. We knew to respect them and also knew they had our best interest. The candy lady down the street always gave us free treats if we brought her good grades on report card day. Although we may not have had a lot we had love. Looking from a child to an adult I now understand why the adults in the neighborhood watched over everyone. It taught me a that there is strength in numbers and love conquers all. Growing up the fourth girl of five kids wasn’t tough or awkward for me. I am the baby girl, therefore I got away with a lot. I learned early on I was different, but could not comprehend whether it was in a good/bad way as a child. Growing into the woman I am today I’ve learned that I am African American and very proud it. I also learned what comes with the title African American as well. Awareness of my culture started becoming apparent as well as the up and downs of being African

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