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  • Essay On Blues Music

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    Blues music as a genre and form was developed by African Americans in the south of the United States at the end of the 19th century. The genre has origins in many cultures such as in African music, African-American work songs and European-American folk music. Blues music incorporates field hollers, shouts, chants, etc. The blues form, found in jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and roll, is characterized by the call-and-response pattern, and also the twelve-bar blues structure, which is the most common

  • Southern Blues Influences

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    What is the Blues? In the words of B.B. King, “Blues is a simple music and I’m a simple man” (qtd. in King and Ritz). From its simple and primitive origins, not only has the Blues affected culture throughout the Deep South, but Southern culture has had a strong influence on the creation of the Blues and its musicians. The Blues’ unique sound came from the slave songs, such as the work songs and field hollers of the enslaved African Americans (PBS). Nearly every song on the radio today has its roots

  • Rhythm And Blues Analysis

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    of this than the roles that both Mardi Gras Indian music and Rhythm and Blues have had in fighting for the oppression against African Americans. Through the assessment of the musical and cultural impacts of both styles, it is possible to determine the roles each has played in fighting racism towards African Americans and, in the case of Mardi Gras Indian music, Native Americans as well. Mardi Gras Indian Music and Rhythm & Blues share many similarities and differences in the musical influences that

  • Traveling Blues Analysis

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    Blues music was created by African Americans in the deep South during the 19th century. One of the main characteristics of blues music that separates the blues from other musical genres is that blues themes are more than often based on personal adversity. One popular blues theme is traveling. When the theme of traveling comes to mind, adversity may not be the first thing one thinks of; however, traveling was historically used as a tool to oppress African Americans in the United States. During the

  • Analysis Of Sonny's Blues

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    In the story, “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin insists, that music is a universal language that speaks life into a dead soul. Stereotypical notion of music arouses emotions that are disregarded. The story demonstrates the significance of music and the components that communicates needs and wants. Sonny’s character was not very talkative, but his music spoke with volume. This paper will analyze the elements of music told in “Sonny’s Blues” that connects and bonds the characters emotionally, physically

  • Crossroad Blues Analysis

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    Works Cited A Brief History of The Blues . (2005, August 16). Retrieved from All About Jazz: Aledort, A. (2014, August 5). In Deep: Unlocking the Guitar Mysteries of Delta Blues Great Robert Johnson . Retrieved from Guitar World : George, H., Romanowski, P., & Pareles, J. (2001). The Rolling Stones Encyclopedia Of Rock & Roll. New York

  • The Blues Poem Analysis

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    falling, complex in 1harmony, uncertain in pitch, but constant in the recitative of pain.” The Blues Aesthetic is a catharsis of pain, suffering and cultural wisdom gathered from the age of slavery. It is a means of transmission of narratives that builds on the oral tradition of storytelling; a compilation of stories peppered with suffering, sacrifice and loss narrated through lyrics of songs, “The Blues arises as a late nineteenth century/early twentieth century secular thrust of African-American

  • West African Slave Blues

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    Blues could not exist if the African captives had not become American slaves. Without African slaves from West Africa, there would be no blues music. The immediate predecessors of blues were the Afro-American/American Negro work songs, which had their musical origins in West Africa. It is impossible to say how old the blues are but it is certainly no older than the presence of Negros in the United States. The African slaves brought their music with them to the New World. This is the starting

  • Cross Road Blues Analysis

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    Music Analysis Essay Song 1 I have selected ‘Cross Roads Blues’ written and recorded by Robert Johnson in 1936, one of the best Delta Blues singer, song-writer and musician (May 8, 1911-August 16 1938). Robert Johnson performed ‘Cross Roads Blues’ as a solo piece with his vocal and acoustic slide guitar in the style of Delta Blues, produced by Don Law. This song has become a part of Robert Johnson’s mythology because in this song he is talking about the place where he met the devil and sold his soul

  • Sonny's Blues Conflict Analysis

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    Sonny 's Blues is a short story that was written by James Baldwin. The story has a number of conflicts but the main conflict that is explained in the story is communication between Sonny and his brother who is not named in the story and finding means to understand each other. The two brothers have different passion where playing jazz was Sonny 's passion and teaching algebra was his brother ‘s passion. The two brothers are separated by a number of factors such as their environments, cultural issues

  • Sonny's Blues And Hurston Analysis

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    Baldwin 's "Sonny 's Blues" and Hurston 's “How it feels to be Colored Me" both take a captivating look at how jazz music portrays such an important role in the lives of these characters and their journey through unyielding times of change. In this essay, I will be dissecting the lives of Sonny from “Sonny’s Blues” and Zora from “How it feels to be Colored Me” and the significance that jazz music has played in each of their lives. James Baldwin 's "Sonny 's Blues" begins with the narrator on the

  • The Blues In Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

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    The Blues are a much discussed topic in Wilson’s drama, taking center stage in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, yet also playing an equally important role in The Piano Lesson and Seven Guitars. From the first time Wilson heard a recording of Bessie Smith, singing “Nobody in Town Can Bake a Jelly Role Like Mine,” the Blues “had a profound influence on the Wilson; it was a cultural medium that helped define him and his race.” He recalls upon listening to the record, “For the first time some one was speaking

  • Relationship Of Racism In Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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    James Baldwin’s short story, “Sonny’s Blues,” tells the story of two brothers living in 1950s Harlem. The story depicts the relationship of the brothers as the younger brother, Sonny, battles to overcome a heroin addiction and find a career in jazz. In “Sonny’s Blues”, Baldwin’s shifting portrayal of Harlem mirrors the changing relationship of the two brothers: while both the city and the relationship were originally with dark uncertainty, by the end of the story, the narrator has begun to find peace

  • Comparison Of Miles Davis 'So What And Robert Johnson's' Cross Roads Blues?

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    Music Analysis Essay The roots of jazz and blues are tangled. It is occasionally difficult to differentiate one from the other. The purpose of this essay is through these two songs is to show you that there are differences or it is easy to see that the roots are together however I am going to proof that they have some similarities but we can also tell the differences. Each have their traditions that emerged from the south of America and specially the African-American populations of that region.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy: The Blue Ocean Strategy

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    Blue Ocean Strategy takes you beyond the sea, where innovative products prove relatively safe from competition in markets that never before existed. W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne – strategy professors at France’s INSEAD business school – offer a breakthrough strategic manual. The blue ocean approach begins with a “strategy canvas,” a graphic representation of your and your competitors’ products. Finding the blue ocean market – and avoiding the common, cutthroat, bloody “red ocean” – means exploiting

  • Five Forces Confronting The Blue Nile

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    There are the five forces that can confronting the Blue Nile and the other online retailer jewelers that are the impact on the competition in the industry, impact on the profitability of the industry, perspective of the industry’s insiders, perspectives of the industry’s outsiders and the perspective of the company. Firstly, the forces that can confronting the Blue Nile is the impact on the competition in the industry because it have the all of the rivals that can use the advertising and the promotion

  • The Five Forces Confronting The Blue Nile Company

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    There are the five forces that can confronting the Blue Nile and the other online retailer jewelers that are the impact on the competition in the industry, impact on the profitability of the industry, perspective of the industry’s insiders, perspectives of the industry’s outsiders and the perspective of the company. Firstly, the forces that can confronting the Blue Nile is the impact on the competition in the industry because it have the all of the rivals that can use the advertising and the promotion

  • Case Study Blue Ocean Strategy

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    BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY According to INSEAD (2015), Blue Ocean strategy actually challenges organizations to break out of the red ocean by making uncontested market space that makes the opposition irrelevant. To simplify, it is about growing demand from the consumers, developing interest and breaking far from the competition. Logically when the business choose to give more attention on coping with their rivalry end up they will end up produce the similar products and services. In contrast, Blue ocean

  • Thomas Dorsey: The Father Of Gospel Music

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    taught him music from a young age, and started a career as a blues pianist and arranger. The music that he played during this time was so soft and smooth that he was often times called the “whispering piano player.” Many also described him as being able to play “southern blues” with a “northern feel” (Johnson 813). Not only was he a naturally gifted musician, but he also had the opportunity to make a name for himself by playing blues for influential artists such as Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith (Lee

  • Essay About Rock Music

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    influenced by blues, rhythm and blues and country music. The sound of rock is centered on the electric guitar, which was influenced by the sounds of electric blues guitarists. Rock music was invented by chuck berry in 1955. Rock music became popular due to younger generations who were excited by the thought of having much that expressed their defiant streak and their desires to promote anti- conformism. Its origins lay in many black musical genres of the time, including rhythm and blues and gospel